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Dance Empowerment Instructor & Herbalist


Hey Beauti!


My name is Denise Blaq. Over the last 15 years, I have battled with my body, confidence & feminine wellness. I specifically I struggled with my weight, eating disorders, and body dysmorphia. I didn't want to share what I was experiencing with anyone. I wanted to make myself a project and heal those parts of me that I thought I lost or felt broken. As a result, I became a feminine embodiment instructor, confidence coach, herbalist & women's health advocate. Let's just say your girl has been busy.


In 2017, Denise Dance was created to help individuals reclaim their  bodies and femininity through movement, inspiring strength and building community in a judgement free space.


In 2022, The Yoni Herbalist was created to assist women with feminine wellness through holistic health practices. As The Yoni Herbalist I am able to be a mentor and resource for women in need. I also provide teas and yoni steams for aiding in the healing of feminine conditions.

Brandy Young, MO

"As a mother of 4, I struggle with my body and confidence. I love taking classes with Denise. She is very encouraging and teaches you to define your own femininity.

Brittany Phelps, IL

"I love the heels classes. She reminds me I can be sexy as a mother and a wife. Im learning my body is still beautiful through all its change."

Catrina Brown, KS

"Denise breaks down choreography in a manner  can understand. I use her classes because I don't like the gym. Its a fun sexy way to burn over 700 calories."

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Locations: St. Louis & Chicago​ Areas


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