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At The Femme Factory, we believe in the transformative power of dance to elevate not only physical well-being but also the spirit and self-esteem of women. Our purpose is to create a safe and empowering space where women, irrespective of age, shape, or dance experience, can embark on a journey of self-discovery and body confidence through the art of dance.

In a world that often imposes unrealistic standards, we strive to redefine beauty by celebrating the uniqueness and strength inherent in every woman. Our online dance studio is a supportive community where women can break free from societal expectations, embrace their individuality, and rediscover the joy of movement.

Our mission is to inspire a positive shift in the lives of women struggling with body confidence and self-esteem. Through expertly crafted dance classes, we aim to cultivate a sense of empowerment, encouraging each participant to embrace their bodies, build self-love, and foster a strong connection between mind, body, and spirit.

At The Femme Factory, we are more than just a dance studio; we are a movement dedicated to helping women build confidence, resilience, and a profound appreciation for their own unique beauty. Join us in this empowering journey where dance becomes a powerful tool for self-expression, healing, and transformation. Together, let's dance towards a brighter, more confident future, one step at a time.

Dynamic visual encapsulating the essence of The Femme Factory's diverse offerings – from empowering dance to wellness, unforgettable events, and more. Join our vibrant community for a journey of self-discovery, celebration, and empowerment. Welcome to The Femme Factory, where every image tells a story of confidence, connection, and joy.


Professional Dancer

At The Femme Factory,  (previously known as Denise Dance, we believe that confidence is the key to unlocking your full potential. Our online adult heels dance workshops are more than just a place to learn dance; it's a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Shift your focus away from technicalities, expertise, and modesty in this dance session. Instead, embrace the opportunity to ignite your deepest fears and traumas, moving in a manner that profoundly transforms your mindset.

Meet Denise, the creative force at the heart of The Blaq Method Workshop. She creates an environment of open-mindedness, a universally welcoming space where individuals of all backgrounds can freely express their true selves on the dance floor.

Denise is not just a dance instructor; she's a visionary who's dedicated her life to helping people, just like you, rediscover their inner strength and unleash their true potential through dance.

Join our community, where you can confidently embrace your sassy, sexy, empowered, and vibrant self. DanceSphere is more than just dance; it's a soul-revealing, therapeutic blaze that everyone craves.

Denise Blaq The Femme Factory Owner



"As a mother of 4, I struggle with my body and confidence. I love taking classes with Denise. She is very encouraging and teaches you to define your own femininity."



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